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In 2002, ZILISERVICE’s Leak Sealing Service came to Shanghai, from then, Leak Sealing Service spread widely in power generation industry throughout China. Thus we have witnessed leak sealing service to be used widely in power plants and leak sealing technique improvement: from early strangeness and mistrust to today’s widely use, leak sealing service has been accepted by most power plants as a very important & common method for maintenance. In addition, leak sealing service brings our clients with safety and huge economic benefits.

ZILISERVICE leak sealing service has experienced rapid development of Leak Sealing Service in power plants. Due to many technologies and experience accumulated by ZILISERVICE as well as safety awareness, safety management and quality management, ZILISERVICE safely provided more than 10,000 leakages’ sealing services with success rate reaching up to 96%! Now ZILISERVICE is serving nuclear power stations, petrochemical plants and gas lines with its high reliability & pressure leak sealing skills.

We have imprinted ZILISERVICE, the best leak sealing brand, into hundreds of facility engineers’ mind. ZILISERVICE becomes their first choice to solve their leak sealing problems.

From year 2015, ZILISERVICE began Pipe Freezing Service among its clients by using liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide or mobile compression refrigerating machines.

From 2016, ZILISERVICE began representing and promoting NRI composite repair products in the country, and started its composite wrap service among its clients.

In 2008, we set up LIREN MACHINING, and began pioneering on-site machining service in China. It was a relative new repair method at that time. On-site machining service uses various kinds of portable machines to machine flat surface, hole and shaft during equipment manufacturing, installing and repairing. It can reduce clients’ costs, and shorten duration. Sometimes, it is the only method to solve the problems.

Over the past eight years, LIREN MACHINING has been equipped with many portable machines, and accumulated much experience and skills from its service, and provided our clients with more than 1000 on-site machining services for nuclear power plants, fossil power plants, petrochemical plants and gas lines.

Now “ZILISERVICE + LIREN MACHINING” is becoming an important supplementary means for large facility equipment manufacturing, installing and repairing. We will still keep up leading position through continuous development and accumulation, and provide our clients with professional on-site services.