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  • ZILISERVICE Leak Sealing Capabilities

Pressure system has been facing leakage harass, so leak sealing is becoming the most common and important on-line repair method.

ZILISERVICE has been using best leak sealing technique and materials in the world. With great skill, our experienced team can stop leakage ranging temperature from -150℃ to 610℃ and pressure from vacuum to 32Mpa of multiple chemical media with safety and rapidity. We have stopped many leakages which have been considered as “being impossible to complete”. We save much money for clients, and ZILISERIVCE leak sealing service brings our client with trust, low-carbon and easy jobs.

With more than ten years’ leak sealing service experience coming from more than 100 power plants served each year, and safety & technique management, ZILISERVICE has significant superiority in leak sealing service for common power-gen media with high temperature and high pressure water, steam, anti-flammable oil (EH oil), hydrogen, and hydraulic oil.

Whether you are faced with any kind of leak problems, just call us at 400 880 9110, you will get the best leak sealing service in China.

  • Boiler feed water(30Mpa)and Desuperheating water
  • Main steam(26Mpa, 610oC)
  • EH oil(14Mpa)
  • hydrogen(0.6Mpa,60oC)
  • Natural gas(30Mpa)
  • Gas(6Mpa)
  • Valve gland
  • Flange
  • Pipe
  • Valve pressure seal
  • Tube internal leak
  • Water wall external leak