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Withthe development of modern industry, equipments are featured by higher pressure, higher temperature and large size.Thus new requirements for equipment repairing has been presented.For example, how to repair these equipments in the shortest time with lowest costs. The answer is that moving portable machines to the site, machining on site, instead of moving equipment to workshop for repair.

LIREN MACHINING SERVICE applies the most advanced technology and professional portable machines, and provides our clients with:

On-site Flat Machining Services
  • Horizon plate or flatness laser surveying service
  • Pressure vessel flange facing
  • Exchanger tube-sheet facing
  • Circular or rectangular base milling
  • Elliptical sealing surface grinding or serration
    ring machining
On-site Hole Machining Services
  • Drilling
  • Screw tapping or threading
  • Drilling out sized turbine coupling bolt
  • Stud removal
  • Line boring
  • Valve seat boring/facing service
  • Coupling hole boring
Other On-site Machining Services
  • End shaft turning
  • Thick-wall pipe cutting and bevelling
  • Special machining service needing to modify portable machine